The Adventure Of A “Staycation”


Who would have ever thought a mini “staycation” could be so adventurous? When considering this option I asked myself this question, “what have I never done in the area where I live that people from out of town do when they come for a visit?” Well, interestingly many things popped into my head…including silly tacky things. But the truth is that silly touristy adventures can be quite fun! Have you ever considered the possibility? Immediately, I jumped on the Internet and plugged into Google search ten top things to do in Florida. As I looked over the list the “Jungle Queen Cruise” caught my attention. This is a local 2 hour trip by boat down the intracoastal waterways to an island where a casual dinner is served, then 2 hours back to port. Sounds pleasant enough, so I booked a cruise and off I went with some friends. What great fun it turned out to be! I saw and learned things I never knew about my city. There was fun, laughter and even some great entertainment.

If life is busy and getting out of town just doesn’t fit into your schedule. Maybe trying an uncomplicated mini staycation would be just the fit. There are so many original adventures that would be specific to your community. Whether its a walking tour–which are super fun by the way–or a visit to a local museum. There can be something new to be explored right under your feet. Go ahead look up the top ten things to do in your hometown, and give it a try. Be sure and let us know so we can share your adventure with others in the Over Fifty and Fabulous community. ~Paula


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