Over Fifty And Fabulous A Time Of Cupcakes And Roses

Difficulties may certainly come at this season of life. All the more reason to add simple pleasures that delight the senses. Surely, we are more inclined than ever to smell the roses. For so many years we were just too busy; responsibilities and the drive of obligations naturally took us on a path of concentrated purpose. It rarely included cupcakes –such a frivolous treat– what productivity could possibly come from such an indulgence? But here is my question… isn’t it time to enjoy a little frivolity? Over fifty and Fabulous celebrates the arrival of a time of life when we are free to stop and smell life’s blooms. Why not soak in the kaleidoscope of beautiful aromas and colors… and eat a cupcake too! Welcome, friends, to an exciting season where the simplest of pleasures is a God given treasure to be enjoyed by a marvelous sisterhood of women who are over fifty and fabulous! Grab a friend and eat a cupcake!


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Thank you, Ali, for letting Over Fifty And Fabulous use your beautiful hand painted art work!

Art work by Ali Armstrong. Check our more of Ali’s artwork at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AliKArmstrong


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